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A quick guide to how the online training works

You might have looked around my site and be wondering how all this online training works?  Traditional training normally takes place either at a training field or hall or even with the trainer coming to your home. Separation anxiety training works better if done remotely, after all your dog needs to learn how to cope with YOU leaving not me! If anything having me in your home would just complicate things. 

So we do everything remotely, starting with our assessment followed by your training plans and catch up calls. The joy of this process means I can actually support you more as we will be in contact every day. You won't need to stress about waiting a week to see me again because I will be right there throughout the process. 
We will work closely together during your chosen package and we should see some progress, after that it's up to you how we move forward. Want more intensive training or prefer a little more hands-off? Your training your choice.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to start that journey to a happier dog and more freedom? All you need to do is choose your package and BOOK!

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