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Does your dog hate being at home alone? 

How can I help you?

At Separation Anxiety Solutions I know how debilitating separation anxiety can be. You just want to be able to leave your dog at home even if it's only to go out for coffee! To do that you need the confidence to leave your dog. The problem is that right now you don't know where to start you might be feeling isolated or even trapped in your own home! 

I can help, I understand you have tried everything, I know how exhausting it can be when yet another suggestion fails you. This is why I specialise in separation-related problems, it's all I do. No distractions just solutions.

Here's how I do it. Firstly you book an online assessment from there you will receive daily simple to follow training plans and after that? Well, you start to get your freedom back. 

So, book your assessment and while you wait check out some of the common questions so you can stop worrying and start changing the future for you and your dog. 

I was sceptical at first about it being over Zoom but actually it's brilliant.

Suzanne & Dexter

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