Dexter Chilling.jpeg
Dexter during training

Super pleased with the progress my very anxious dog is making on Sarah's program. 2 weeks in and there's a noticeable difference in his behaviour already.  I was sceptical at first about it being over zoom but actually it's brilliant and in fact turns out to be much better than a set time of a home visit. Each morning Sarah sends you your training plan for that day, based on how the dog got on the day before and any questions or thoughts, and she is contactable on WhatsApp all day to support you. this means you can do your training each day at a time that suits you and your dog on that day, and you have constant support throughout each day, not just during a home visit appointment. honestly can't rate Sarah and this training program highly enough and I'm so pleased I gave it a try. Well worth the money, given the amount of support and personal daily training sheets/weekly zoom calls you receive in the package. Very happy customer

Suzanne & Dexter

Pasha during training

I can't rate Separation Anxiety Solutions too highly! Initially I wasn't sure about working remotely, but it's been great - it has meant that I have been able to train at times convenient to me, and in the comfort and safety of my own home. Sarah has been fabulous - understanding, helpful, and with great insight into the issues me and Pasha face. I can now leave Pasha at home for several hours without worrying about him barking and feeling distressed without me. What a result, and one I thought I might never achieve - and I wouldn't have without Sarah.

Melinda & Pasha

Noodle during training

I have been working with Sarah for a couple of months as it became clear my dog has separation anxiety. I tried for a few months to work through it myself but then enlisted Sarah who helped me work through a very specific, systematic plan. It is only by following this that I have started to see improvement and whereas I couldn't even get to the front door alone before, I have now hit the 5 minute mark and progress is getting faster each day.. Sarah and I have had our meetings via zoom which has been great, there really is no need for her to visit my home or my dog with the use of such technology. My training plans have been ready and waiting for me and then Sarah's comments and feedback are there early the next day for me to go over. I know I would not have made this progress without Sarah's guidance, feedback and patience


Hayley & Noodle.

Mac during training

We have been working with Sarah for a few months now after quickly realising our lockdown puppy had separation anxiety. We felt lost and didn’t know what we were going to do to help Mac. On our initial Zoom meeting, Sarah was able to make us feel that we are not alone and that we can do something about it. It has been great being able to work with Sarah through various means of technology, this is through video calls, WhatsApp messages and keeping updated spreadsheets. It has meant that we can do the training when we want, knowing that Sarah can easily be contacted to help us along the way and regularly feedback on his progress. We know it can be a slow process but we see the improvements every day, going from a puppy that would howl as soon as we left for a second, to seeing him remain settled and chilled is a massive achievement. Thank you Sarah for all your ongoing support

Jane, Ryan & Mac