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Why SA Solutions?

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Graduate of The Academy for Dog Trainers

The Academy is one of the most prestigious training academies in the world. Founded by Jean Donaldson and often referred to as the Harvard of dog training. A rigorous two year course covering all aspects of dog training and behaviour. 


Sarah McLaren

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Full member of the APDT

An independent body that ensures all their members have been through an assessment. This makes sure they have the skills to do the job. A key part of remaining a member is to keep education relevant and up to date and that all members adhere to a code of conduct that will mean your dog won't be trained using any methods that cause fear or pain and that are kind, fair and effective.

Why Separation Anxiety Solutions?


A little background will help you decide if you want to work with me or not. My training and affiliations mean I will never use fear or force to help you and your dog, only the most current evidence-based methods.

I started working with dogs in 2006, initially in group training classes with pet dogs. In 2012 I started my own business where my interest and learning about behaviour began.

My interest in separation anxiety came about after I got my own separation anxiety puppy. I quickly came to realise that owners of separation anxiety dogs need a completely different type of support to the current method used in training and behaviour. Neither taking your dog to a trainer or a trainer coming to you works well for these dogs and as owners we need a little more hand-holding and moral support, having a separation anxiety dog is hard and can be a very lonely place to be. That's why I did my speciality on this subject. I know how it feels to be that owner and to have that dog!

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